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Here are a few friendly tips for everyone going on a skiing holiday for the first time or for the 10th time.


Sun Cream, please make sure that all children and adults have enough suntan cream on to protect their skin, whatever the weather. Even if the sun is not out, that doesn't mean that you can't get burnt! The rays reflect off the whiteness of the snow and this makes it even more harmful to your skin and don't forget your lips, ears and the back of your neck too!


Clothing, The weather and temperature can change very quickly from nice and warm to very cold. If it is a very sunny day, that doesn't mean that it is warm! Make sure that your children have just as good clothing as yourself and just as much, it is always safer having too much and being able to take some layers off than having none to put on when you are very cold. It is recommended that small children wear mittens instead of gloves, since they find normal gloves very hard to get on.


Eyes, please make sure that all children have a pair for sun glasses or goggles, even if the sun is not out, since it can still burn their unprotected eyes. A lot of children refuse to wear goggles, but there are a lot of very trendy sunglasses they can wear with helmets if the weather is not bad, you can also buy a special band to attach to the back of the glasses so that they can't lose them. They don't cost much, but can save a lot of grief. The same applies to adults, sunglass/goggle marks are not trendy in the Uk but a lot better than sore burnt eyes!


Equipment, for children, if beginners, they will not need poles for the first few days, unless they are 10yrs+ (Depending on Instructor). When getting skis for smaller children, make sure that the skis stand no higher than their nose. For adults and children, with boots make sure that they are a similar size to your everyday shoe size. Try to not put more than one pair of socks on while wearing a ski boot and also avoid tucking anything inside the boot (trousers, bottoms of ski suits, etc) since this can make your legs sore and cause blisters.


Snacks, It is always a very good idea to pop a little snack into your child's pocket, since depending on the lesson length, weather and age, they sometimes need a little something to keep them going. If the lesson is over 2hrs, it is a good idea to give them some money or little packed snack. Try and always take your child to the toilet before the lesson, since once the instructor has left the meeting point it is sometimes quite hard to find a toilet nearby and can be quite distressing for the child.


Always make sure that all members of your party drink enough water, it is very easy to get dehydrated while skiing and we tend to forget about this small little thing that can make or break your holiday!




Do all TSI instructors speak English?

Yes, English is our mother tongue language or we are bilingual, so our English is pretty good!


Why are TSI lessons more expensive than local French ski schools?

All our lesson prices guarantee a top quality product, with guaranteed perfect English speaking instructors and much smaller numbers in groups & private lessons, 6 people max per instructor (half the amount of French ski schools). We are all top level qualified BASI Level 4 ISTD with full French equivalence or full French Diplome. We are some of the highest qualified instructors in the world and it takes a long time of hard training, assessment and commitment to gain this qualification.


Are lift passes and/or ski-hire included in the lesson costs?

No, the prices only include your time booked with the instructor for instruction. You will need to book/buy these separately, most of the time your chalet owner or hotel will have a deal with the lift company, so ask them for this information. If not you can find links on our website under “Partners”.


Do I need a lift pass for my lessons, even if I am only a beginner?

Yes, you will need a min of a Morzine/Les Gets lift pass for your time spent in lessons. If lessons booked in Avoriaz, you will need an Avoriaz lift pass for your time spent in lessons.


Do I need to buy a lift pass for my child?

Depending what age they are, they will need a lift pass or not. All under 5yrs don’t need a lift pass, they just go under the bar. All 5yrs + will need a lift pass for the area.


Where is your meeting place for lessons?

Morzine - our lessons start/finish in front of the bar/restaurant at the top of the Pleney Gondola, on the snow at the start of the wooden terrace by the first Penguin/Powerade flat as you come out of the Gondola.

Les Gets - our lessons start/finish near the Yeti Restaurant, by the small ticket office, at the top of the Chavannes Telecabine (red eggs).

Avoriaz – our lessons start/finish infront of the exit of the new Prodain Cable car.

Please click here to see photos of all meeting places.


Can we arrange a different meeting point?

All depending on the instructor’s bookings before and after, this would be possible or not. Please ask at the time of booking.


Do we have to go up the mountain/gondola, even if we are only beginners?

Yes, the beginner area that we use is at the top of the Gondola.


Does my child need to bring poles to their first lesson?

If they are complete beginners, then no, they don’t need to bring poles, at least for the first few days. We don’t recommend using poles with children under 7yrs (more or less) for their first week but older kids will get to use them later on in the week, please ask the instructor once in resort.


What happens if the weather is bad, overcast or snowing, will the lessons still run?

As long as the lifts are still open, the instructor will be there for your lesson.


What happens if the weather is bad and I don’t want to attend the lesson, do I get my money back?

No, no refund will be given for unused lessons due to the late arrival of a client, illness, accident, lift closure due to weather condition, mechanical failure, or for any cause outside the instructors control. We will provide you with an insurance letter to claim on your travel insurance if needed. Please look at our Booking Terms & Conditions for more information.


What happens if I arrive late for my lesson, will I still get the same amount of time booked?

No, the instructor will be there at the time booked and can’t over run if you are late, due to bookings afterwards. The lesson will run for the time that you have left.



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