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The below levels are a guideline only. Please always be HONEST when providing information regarding your level of skiing. If this information is not correct, it could hinder your progress if joining a group lesson or skiing in a lesson with other people. At the time of booking, we will always ask you for more information regarding your level of skiing and if this information changes at a later date, please inform us ASAP.


Complete Beginner

This is my first time skiing, I have never put skis on before.


Level 1

I have put skis on before but didn't ski that much or I skied a long time ago, so would classify myself as a beginner.


Level 2

I have skied before, either on dryslope, indoor snowslope or in resort. I can slide and snowplough on a beginner slope but don't feel very confident.


Level 3

I have skied before, either on dryslope, indoor snowslope or in resort. I can snowplough stop and turn in control on green and easy blue runs.


Level 4

I can ski blue runs in control, beginning to join skis towards the end of the turn when I feel confident but resort back to snowplough when the going gets tough.


Level 5

I can ski red runs in control, parallel when confident but snowplough does appear when it gets icy, narrow or steep.


Level 6

I can ski red runs parallel and in control most of the time. I have skied black runs but struggle if bumpy,
icy or off piste.


Level 7

I can ski red & black runs parallel and in control. I struggle off piste and with moguls.


Level 8

I am a all mountain skier, can ski pretty much everywhere but would like to work on my technique to improve my overall skiing.

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