Lessons and Prices

At TSI, we believe in listening to our clients and helping them get the most out of their lessons.
Below you will find listed all of our ski lesson prices and options.

Fun, safe, honest and value for money lessons is what TSI is about.
We just love what we do and hope to inspire you to love skiing too!

What to expect when booking

At TSI we always what to make sure that we are selling you lessons that will work for you and your party, this sometimes means quite a lot of questions at the time of enquiry. It is important for us to get as much info as possible at the time of enquiry/booking so that we can allocate the best lessons & instructor for you. We don’t believe in selling you the wrong lessons, hence why sometimes we will say no. We want you to have the best value for money and also go away feeling like you have achieved and learnt a lot in your lesson, that is all that matters really.

All of the relevant level info, will then be put in the instructors notes for when the instructor meets you. It is then a lot easier for them to start the lesson straight away, with only a few questions so that they can then maximise your time spent in the lessons.

So please be honest with any information that you provide at the time of booking, this makes our life a lot easier!

Our instructors have all got a wealth of experience and knowledge, we trust them totally and so should you.

TSI's COVID Promise

Due to these unprecedented times and wanting to help you all have something to look forward to without being afraid to commit, we have reviewed our booking conditions for next season and found a happy medium as we also need to have some kind of security.
We understand that travel insurances could potentially be hard to get with COVID cover, even though there are now a handful who are offering full cover for all eventualities and with the future of travel being very uncertain, we decided to make the following changes:

COVID Clause

The COVID Clause will apply on lesson cancellations exclusively due to COVID up to 48hrs before your first lesson for the following reasons only:

  • Borders into France closed, or border of your home country is closed, so you can’t leave or re-enter at the date of lessons booked due to COVID*
  • Total resort/ski lift closure due to national or local government action due to COVID at the date of lessons booked*
  • Having to quarantine on arrival into France

In either of the above cases;

  • We will offer you a credit note of 85% of the full value of your booking or 35% if you have only paid a deposit, to be used within 12 months of date of cancellation.
  • For a refund, we will issue a refund of 70% of your booking (if paid in full) or 20% of your booking (if only paid 50% deposit) 30% is retained as admin fee in all cases and is non-refundable.

If you choose to cancel due to someone in your party falling ill with COVID, having to self-isolate or your flights/travel arrangements are cancelled, unfortunately normal Cancellation policy in our Bookings Terms and Conditions will apply, as the instructor and resort will still be available for the lessons.
You must have insurance in place to cover this type of cancellation as it will not fall under our COVID Clause.

*COVID Clause refund will only apply if the resort/ski lifts or borders are closed due to COVID for the dates of your lessons booked. If any of these happen before ie December but your lessons are in March, if you choose to cancel at that point (December) but then restrictions are lifted for your dates or before and the resort is open, then normal booking conditions will be applied from the date of your cancellation.

When COVID Clause is applied, no monies will be refunded until the week of your ski holiday has passed, then a refund/credit will be issued. All bookings made using a “COVID Credit Note” are subject to our “Booking Terms and Conditions” and not the above “COVID Clause”

TSI COVID Insurance

You can opt to pay an extra 10% of your total booking (non refundable and paid on top of deposit) this will then guarantee you a full refund of monies paid at any point for COVID cancellation (Borders closed, ski lifts closed, someone in your party falling ill with COVID, having to self-isolate/quarantine or your flights/travel arrangements are cancelled, only due to COVID and with proof)

Booking Terms and Conditions


At TSI we like to be flexible with our start times and what we can offer you but this is not always possible due to other bookings and during busy weeks not having enough hours in the day to help you all! Here are out standard start times;

2hrs time slots are: 9:15, 11:30, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00 start.
3hrs time slots are: 9:15, 11:30, 13:00 and 14:00 start.

When emailing regarding your booking, if you would like a different time, please let us know and if we can accommodate this, we will.

We run lessons out of Morzine, Les Gets and Avoriaz. Please request the resort that you would like these lessons to be in at the time of booking, these meeting places can’t be changed on the day or last minute due to other bookings but if we can accommodate a change of location, we will always endeavour to do so.

Private Lessons

1p - £150 ∙ €180
2p - £170 ∙ €200
3p - £190 ∙ €220
4p - £210 ∙ €240
5p - £230 ∙ €260
6p - £250 ∙ €280
1p - £280 ∙ €340
2p - £200 ∙ €365
3p - £320 ∙ €390
4p - £340 ∙ €415
5p - £360 ∙ €440
6p - £360 ∙ €440
1p - £215 ∙ €260
2p - £230 ∙ €280
3p - £245 ∙ €300
4p - £260 ∙ €320
5p - £275 ∙ €340
6p - £275 ∙ €340
1p - £400 ∙ €485
2p - £400 ∙ €485
3p - £400 ∙ €485
4p - £450 ∙ €545
5p - £450 ∙ €545
6p - £450 ∙ €545

All Private Lesson prices are per session, not per person ie 2hrs 2p is £170 (£85 per person, per 2hrs)

Adult Groups

2x2hrs - £130 ∙ €155
3x2hrs - £175 ∙ €210
4x2hrs - £220 ∙ €265
5x2hrs - £265 ∙ €320
6x2hrs - £315 ∙ €370
2x3hrs - £175 ∙ €210
3x3hrs - £240 ∙ €290
4x3hrs - £315 ∙ €370
5x3hrs - £390 ∙ €450
6x3hrs - £460 ∙ €530
Performance Clinics
2hrs - £70 ∙ €85
3hrs - £100 ∙ €120
4hrs - £130 ∙ €155
6hrs - £190 ∙ €225

Price per person, 4 max per group.

All Adult groups can be set up with 1 adult and will be confirmed to run their full duration with 2 adults.
If your preferred option is the old 6 person price* please request this at the time of booking. *Only possible when setting a new group up, not possible with one already running as 4 people max.

Junior Groups

2x2hrs - £110 ∙ €135
3x2hrs - £140 ∙ €170
4x2hrs - £170 ∙ €205
5x2hrs - £200 ∙ €240
6x2hrs - £235 ∙ €285
2x3hrs - £140 ∙ €170
3x3hrs - £185 ∙ €225
4x3hrs - £235 ∙ €285
5x3hrs - £280 ∙ €340
6x3hrs - £325 ∙ €395

Price per child, 6 max per group.

All junior groups can be set up with 2 children and will be confirmed to run their full duration with 3 children.

Mini Beginners
4x2hrs - £220 ∙ €265
5x2hrs - £265 ∙ €320

Price per child, 4 max per group.

All Mini groups can be set up with 1 child and will be confirmed to run their full duration with 2 children.

Ski Safari, Touring/Off Piste and Women's only courses

Prices for these will be as per Private Lessons or Performance Clinics, this will be confirmed all depending on what you request.

To find out more, email, call or message us............

Adult Groups

Performance Clinics

Junior Groups

Private Lessons

Ski Safari

Women's Only

Touring / Off Piste


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