Adult Group Ski Lessons

Adult Group Ski Lessons are for all ages and abilities, from 15yrs onwards. If you are serious about your skiing but are looking for a more cost effective option, then group lessons is the option for you!

All lessons are with a guaranteed British or Bilingual top qualified instructor, so there are no problems with any language barriers at any point.

TSI offers from complete beginner adult group ski lessons all the way through to bumps & off piste lessons, it just depends what you are looking for. You will be sharing your adult group ski lessons with people of a very similar ability, where you will learn new techniques, meet new people and enjoy your skiing while achieving your goals. On request, we can also video your skiing and send you the video, just ask when you book your lesson.

TSI set up adult group ski lessons on demand, so we don’t always have every level or age group lesson running each week. It just all depends on what adult group ski lessons have been requested or what space we have left to set up new groups for the week requested.

For a guidance on TSI skiing levels, please click here.

If you are skiing on your own or are a group of friends of a similar level, then please don’t hesitate to contact us to see what we can offer you.

2x2hrs - £130 ∙ €155
3x2hrs - £175 ∙ €210
4x2hrs - £220 ∙ €265
5x2hrs - £265 ∙ €320
6x2hrs - £315 ∙ €370
2x3hrs - £175 ∙ €210
3x3hrs - £240 ∙ €290
4x3hrs - £315 ∙ €370
5x3hrs - £390 ∙ €450
6x3hrs - £460 ∙ €530

All group lesson prices are per person.

For 2 people min to 4 people max per group lesson* they can run on consecutive or alternate days, for 2 or 3hrs duration each day. TSI will always need a min number of 2 people to confirm a group lesson to run its full duration. TSI won’t cancel a group due to not having enough people, we will always give you the option to either pay for the extra people or we would take some hours off the total duration of the group lesson so that you never miss out on your lessons.

*6 people max per group option available on request when setting a group up (3 people min to confirm group to run its full duration)

What to expect

  • 4 max per group
  • Lift priority
  • Bilingual or British instructor
  • Same ability groups
  • Guaranteed to run with 2p min
  • Quality instruction at an affordable price

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