Women's only Courses

Going skiing with the girls for a long weekend or a week and fancy doing a mixture of instruction, guiding, great coffee and lunch stops with a great female instructor, then TSI is the school for you! Book one of our experienced and lovely female instructors for Women’s ski lessons, you won’t regret it.

You can choose as many days as you want, alternate or consecutive, entirely up to you. 4 ladies max per female instructor makes for a very personal and individual learning experience while still skiing with your friends. Want to work on your confidence, better your technique to help you deal with trickier conditions or just ski without having to make any decisions, look no further…………

These will be set up on request*, so please contact us for availability and requirements then we can let you know what we can offer you, we are pretty flexible so don’t hesitate to ask! Prices will be the same as the Performance Clinics, if for a 1 off session or Adult Group Lesson price, if for more than 1 session or you can keep it to a Private Lesson if you prefer.

*There will be no availability for these during the main half term and Easter weeks.

2x2hrs - £130 ∙ €155
3x2hrs - £175 ∙ €210
4x2hrs - £220 ∙ €265
5x2hrs - £265 ∙ €320
6x2hrs - £315 ∙ €370
2x3hrs - £175 ∙ €210
3x3hrs - £240 ∙ €290
4x3hrs - £315 ∙ €370
5x3hrs - £390 ∙ €450
6x3hrs - £460 ∙ €530
Performance Clinics
2hrs - £70 ∙ €85
3hrs - £100 ∙ €120
4hrs - £130 ∙ €155
6hrs - £190 ∙ €225

Price per person, 4 max per group. We need 1 person to set a clinic up and 2 to confirm this clinic to run its full duration.

What to expect

  • Very relaxed learning environment
  • Great coffee stops!
  • Female British instructor
  • Same ability female only groups
  • 4 max & guaranteed to run with 2p min
  • Lift priority

To find out more, email, call or message us............

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