Why You Should Have Ski Lessons

It’s no secret that skiing holidays can really add up. When you factor in flights, lift passes, ski rental and lessons it’s tempting to let something slide to save some dough.

However, it is possible to go skiing without blowing the budget. If you’re planning on a skiing holiday and thinking about skipping the lessons, you should think again.

Here’s why you should have ski lessons to make the most of your skiing holiday.

Stay Safe on the Slopes

If you’re a complete beginner, it’s vital you take some lessons before you hit the slopes on your own. Learning the basic techniques properly is one of the best ways to protect against injuries and accidents.

Skiing is harder than it looks! Scrimping on those essential first few lessons is guaranteed to cause you problems. If anything else, you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of seasoned skiers!

You Might Make Some New Friends

If you opt for group skiing lessons, you’ll have the benefit of group camaraderie to spur you on to achieve your best. With everyone else in the same boat, you’re bound to have some non-judgmental laughs when collisions occur.

If things go really well, you might even find some new pals to join you in après ski beers on the mountain!

You Don’t Want to Be a Burden

If you’re going on holiday with a group of people with more skiing experience than you, you might find yourself getting left behind on the slopes.

Instead of being a burden and forcing everyone else to join you on the nursery slopes, you could take some lessons on the first few days of your trip then seriously impress when you re-join your mates.

It’s Not Good For Your Technique

Teaching yourself to ski may seem easy, but in the long term, skiing with poor technique is bad for your joints. Skiing is hard enough work as it is without adding more achiness with inefficient skiing!

Maurice Duffy checking out his tracks in the Off Piste in Chamossiere Morzine
The Snow Institute Rossignol Hero Short Turns Skis

You Can Get Expertly Fitted

A skiing instructor can help you decide which ski equipment is right for you. Rather than walking in blindly, some expert tips can help you stay comfortable all day.

If you’re renting ski equipment, make sure you get fitted by a trained ski technician at a reputable ski rental shop. This way, you know you’re safe and ready to hit the slopes.

Skip the Queues

When the slopes are crawling with skiers, queuing for the ski lifts can take an age. One of the benefits of taking lessons is that you can skip the standard lift queue and use the separate lane for learners. This could save you some serious time in peak season!

Get Insider Knowledge

Having a quick chat with your instructor after a morning lesson could prove to be more fruitful than expected. From discovering the perfect fondue spot, to secret bars and events happening on the mountain, your ski instructor is a hive of knowledge waiting to be delved into!

Go on an Off-Piste Adventure

For the more experienced skiers among you, setting off on an off-piste trail is a great way of exploring a different side to your ski resort. Many of these trails require an experienced instructor or guide to keep you safe. Going with someone who knows the area like the back of their hand is the way to make the most of your alpine adventure.

Booking Your Ski Trip

We hope we’ve convinced you that investing in a few ski lessons is always a good idea, even if it’s just a refresher!

The final thing left to organise for your holiday is your ski transfer from the airport.

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Sally Lee-Duffy enjoying the lovely powder on the Off Piste on Chamossiere in January in Morzine